Saturday, March 11, 2017

How To Install Mercari On Your Android

This is a tutorial on how to install the popular auction phone application, Mercari, using a Virtual Private Network. A large number of lolita's in the west use it to find great deals on j-fashion clothing. Remember, you will need a shopping service to make any purchases!

Now on to the tutorial. Method 1 is the simplest way without installing an app. However, if your network is filtering L2TP/IPsec packets or you'd like the simplest way and you don't mind installing an app, method 2 will work for you (below). If you have an iphone, click here for instructions without an app (Method 1) or click here for instructions using the OpenVPN Connect app (Method 2). This will simply give you a Japanese IP address. I heard iphone users need a separate itunes account as well, but I can't really help you download and install Mercari through itunes.

Method 1: No separate app required
Open Android settings. Choose "... More" under Wireless & networks.
Choose VPN.
Choose a Japanese server at VPNGate that supports L2TP/IPSec.
Hit "+" to add the Japanese server you chose.
Give your VPN a name and choose L2TP/IPSec PSK. Type in the server web address or IP address (some areas of the world may require the IP address, try it if the web address is unsuccessful).
Scroll down and select "Show Advanced Options". In the "IPSec pre-shared key", type "vpn". In "Forwarding routes", type "".
Once complete, hit save. Then tap your newly made VPN once to connect. It will request a username and password. The password is shown at the top of's list of VPNs. It should be Username:"vpn" and Password:"vpn".
Choose connect and once it reports successful, you are now using the VPN to browse online and any traffic will be routed through it. You are now ready to move on to downloading and installing Mercari (below). If it still reports unsuccessful and you've typed everything correctly, try using an IP address instead of the web address. If it still is unsuccessful, you will likely need to try Method 2 due to your network filtering L2TP/IPsec packets. 
Method 2: Downloads required
Install OpenVPN Connect through the Google Play Store. Once OpenVPN Connect is installed, find a Japanese server at VPNGate that is OpenVPN compatible.
Click the link to download the OpenVPN Config file. It will open a new page with several configuration files available. Some areas of the world may require you to use an IP address instead of a DDNS hostname, but try DDNS first. It will allow you to use the VPN later if the IP address changes (should you need to download another Japanese app). If you don't plan to use it in the future, choose IP address to avoid the hassle. For a faster connection, download the UDP configuration file, but if it does not work, try TCP. Once you've downloaded the configuration file, open OpenVPN Connect.
Click the elipsis in the corner and hit Import > Import Profile from SD Card.
Navigate to where your configuration file was saved (likely in your Download folder) and select it to import.
It should say it was successfully imported.
Next, simply hit connect. Once connected, you are now using the VPN to browse online and any traffic will be routed through it.
You are now ready to download and install Mercari. 
Downloading and Installing Mercari
Choose, with the drop down menu in Google Play, a Google account that you have not connected to a Google Play Store. If you do not have one, you will need to make a new one. Once chosen, Google Play will detect that you have a Japanese IP address and are connecting an account that doesn't have a location associated with it. It will then load the Japanese Google Play store and ask you to agree to Google Play TOS.
Once you've gotten the Japanese Google Play Store open, search for "マルカリ" in Google Play. Mercari should appear at the top. Click it to open Mercari's app page.
Hit "インストール" or "Install" in green to install the app.
Google Play may ask you to confirm your account. Just hit continue and skip adding payment options. It will then start downloading and installing on your phone. Once complete, hit "Open" to open up Mercari. Skip through Mercari's intro by hitting the next button in red.
You can now make a Mercari account or connect using an existing one. It does require a Japanese phone number to create an account. If you'd just like to browse, click the "スキップ" (Skip) link in the upper right. Once you have the app, you're done! Don't forget to turn off your VPN by opening OpenVPN Connect and hitting disconnect or in Android VPN settings, disable the VPN you created. You can search for brands at the top, and hitting the share button in the upper right on items will give you options to share it with your shopping service! I usually just copy links and I can easily use it to input into a shopping card system. Good luck and happy shopping!

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